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Intellectual Property

We are constantly surrounded by and interacting with the subject matter that is intellectual property. In today’s world, IP is undoubtedly subsumed in all business transactions. Emerging worlds such as the metaverse, NFTs, virtual worlds where users are able to live and work virtually and incorporate intellectual property. Businesses must consider optimal protection of their IP assets.

The team at AF Mpanga has a strong understanding of the intricacies of IP and its importance to businesses with knowledge and experience in knowing how to manage IP assets, maximize its impact to build an enterprise and an asset portfolio going beyond the basic acquisition of IP rights to adequate exploitation. We assist clients with IP management and provide sound legal advice on IP strategy. We recognized as a leading IP firm.

AF Mpanga’s IP service offering includes IP registration, licensing and franchising, negotiating for IP in software acquisition, IP management, brand watching, identifying IP assets, IP rights subsisting in the virtual world, strategic IP portfolio management, IP prosecution, litigation and valuation.

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Frederick-J AFMpanga

Frederick J. Mpanga

Head Intellectual Property
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