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Employment & Labor

Pandemics have changed the way we live and work. Employment in the post pandemic economy comprises of gig workers, independent contractors and freelancers who have changed the employer employee relationship from the way it was before.

AF Mpanga has a distinguished employment law practice with a business- oriented team possessing a myriad of skills garnered from successful representation of employers and employees. The team’s legal advisory offers a competitive advantage to employers preparing them to sustainably manage and retain a resourceful workforce. The employment law practice ranges from employment dispute litigation, handling of collective terminations, restructurings, pension claims, advisory on employee statutory deductions, judicial review proceedings, occupational health and safety, advisory on outsourcing, whistle blowing employee privacy issues, harassment complaint management and work- place audits.

Our clients include global corporations, financial institutions, transnational e- commerce companies, leading company directors, diplomatic missions and humanitarian aid organizations.

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